A corbel is a piece of masonry which appears carved and typically juts out from a wall.

Corbel | Precast Keystone - Naples, Florida
They create an additional decorative look to the home exterior and sometimes frame buildings.
History:  From Romanesque times corbels first appeared plain in appearance, but with time became elaborately carved pieces of stone. Originally they were very traditional carvings, but in the 19th-century Paris and Beaux-Arts architecture were encouraged to show imagination. The varying corbel styles became popular.

Materials: Older and more traditional trims were made from carved marble or granite/stone. Today there is very little use of granite or hand carved marble. The reason is primarily expense of marble and granite, and it’s not feasible to use due to cost and limited supply of fine stones.

Precast Keystone decorated corbels are seen throughout the United States and are considered to be the best choice for most home and commercial buildings. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, they are easy to install and enhance any building.
At Precast Keystone of Naples we work with your architect or builder to create corbels to exact specifications. Our techniques combine old world masters and new age technology. We ensure our product meets your creative expectations, and that they are structurally sound, delivered on-time and within your budget!
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