A column, also known as a pillar, is a structural element that is most commonly used to distribute weight of a structure it supports.

Columns | Precast Keystone - Naples, Florida
Not only do they serve as a functional part of any building, they are also considered to be an important design element. Styles include tuscan, Corinthian, Fluted, Tapered & Rope.

: The use of columns date back to Iron Age civilizations of the Near East and Mediterranean. Mostly they were used for practical purposes of holding up the roof inside a building. The Greeks and Romans loved using them on the outside as well. Columns usually have classical features of smooth or fluted design. One of the most famous examples of columns is the Parthenon.

Materials: Precast Keystone columns are a wonderful achievement as part of today’s building materials. They offer everything in traditional and modern design styles and can be created identical to each other for quantity, as opposed to hand carving stone, granite or marble. They are affordable and provide a classic finish to any home or building. The use of keystone columns is prevalent in many areas. It can be used in interior or on the exterior.

At Precast Keystone of Naples we work with your architect or builder to create columns to exact specifications. We manufacture full, 1/2 or 1/4 columns. Our techniques combine old world masters and new age technology. We ensure our product meets your creative expectations, and that they are structurally sound, delivered on-time and within your budget!
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