Balustrades are the vertical elements that most commonly support railings.

Balustrades | Precast Keystone - Naples, Florida

Not only do they serve as a functional part of any building, they are also considered to be an important design element.

History: The word baluster comes from the Italian word balaustra which means pomegranate flower. Most traditional balustrades were shaped like flower buds or opened flower petals. The balaustra was commonly used in candlestick designs and usually served a functional purpose. Over the centuries they evolved and were popular during the Renaissance. One of the most popular examples of balustrades is the Medici Palace.
Materials: Older and more traditional balustrades were made from wood and clay. Made with lathes and potter’s wheel in ancient construction. Today there are still some wood, but to a much lesser degree. The reason is primarily durability, cost and limitations in color and textures.
Precast balustrades are seen throughout the world today and are considered to be the best choice for most home and commercial construction projects. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes they are easy to install and enhance any building.
At Precast Keystone of Naples we work with your architect or builder to create balustrades to exact specifications. Our techniques combine old world masters and new age technology, which ensures our product meets the creative expectations, and that it is structurally sound, delivered on-time and within your budget!
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